Accelerate results through practical, seamless mobile app solutions experience.

Three core facets are combined in successful mobile app development: marketplace, customer & product. Using the right software and skills to combine these aspects in a smart way gives the users unique benefits, better accessibility, and strong results.

Development of mobile apps - from idea to implementation

How does mobile production work and what goes into it?

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The Google Play store has over 2.7 million applications and the App store has over 2.2 million, so it’s a difficult market to get into, and only the best apps survive. Working with a mobile app development company is the best way to increase the speed with which long-term ventures and complex mobile app development pay off.

An experienced partner will have the knowledge you need to navigate the mobile app development process and succeed in a competitive market.

You can build on the skill and experience of an expert application development team, led by a project manager, by partnering with a professional mobile development company. The PM ensures smooth communication and reports on the development process to you.

How do I select a mobile app development company?

You have a fantastic idea for a new app. You now need to select the right mobile app development company to help you construct it.

You may want some additional services before you start building your app depending on what project phase it is at. From the stage of Ideation & Strategy, we are with you in order to explore your idea, develop technical solutions, and plan your business side, including the future growth of the project.

Our expert development team can build the best app to suit your business needs with over 12 years of experience in software engineering and mobile app development.

Our team can create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes that are clickable. The user-centric analysis is conducted at every level of the app development process to optimize a clean, pixel-perfect UI that maximizes interaction across all platforms.

We’ll start working on your project with our Quality Assurance and DevOps experts right away.

Custom mobile app design

Modern mobile business requirements are dynamic, requiring custom app development solutions.

Rubik, a native app development company, creates innovative, personalized applications for the customized solution, flawless design, and user interfaces.

Customized mobile apps make your business more efficient, increase conversions, retain clients and help you exceed your needs. They offer a high level, unique features, and functions and are the ideal solution for your company to thrive in a difficult market.

For over a decade, our mobile app team has been in the game, so they all know what it’s about.

Mobile app development process

The technology stack you use for mobile growth is a critical decision that will determine whether or not your project succeeds.

When developing a cross-platform mobile app, you must ensure that the underlying technology is reliable and user-friendly. You don’t have to think about designing front-end and back-end projects separately with full-stack, cross-platform solutions.

Cross-platform apps are created as a single project that supports multiple platforms. It is possible to reuse a large portion of an app’s code across platforms, reducing the time and cost of developing a mobile app by around 30%.

Not every app needs a cross-platform solution, and it’s often preferable to create native apps. Cross-platform production, on the other hand, is certainly worth considering due to the reduced development time and expense.

React Native or a similar system can be an excellent fit for mobile apps with no special platform specifications.