Established in 2014, we see ourselves as wise heads on young shoulders, and services comprehensive solution and innovation through technology.
Rubik Company offers a team that not only has outstanding technical skills, but also one with the professionalism and management experience expected of a leading technological company. These attributes, coupled with the quality of having direct access to the business owners, means that we are able to offer a tailored, high-quality and high-value service to the industry and in the market.
Rubik Company works throughout the country, headquartered in Kabul, and services all over the world. We provide products and services ranging from Web-Based Applications, Mobile Application, Consultation, Portal Designing, Hosting, providing Google apps services, for our clients.
Since establishment, we have welcomed a number of repeated clients – a testament to the service we provide.


We are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community, assist our clients in making their dreams become a reality. We do help people and organizations to realize their management process as mirrors.


Our mission is to remain reliable and efficient at the forefront of the Afghan industry through quality, honesty, and hard work. We are committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction.
We will continue to meet the changing needs of our clients with our quality services delivered by the most qualified people. To achieve our mission, we are going to support every afghan expert in our field to develop and succeed by their impressive works.


Rubik Core values revolve around three keywords that every action takes must measure up to that. These keywords are: Integrity, Innovation, and effectiveness.

  • Integrity :Our top-level goal is always to build with integrity by being honest and open with our clients, consultants & subcontractors. We recognize that without a high level of trust, the vital relationships that can make or break a project will dissolve.
  • Innovation :
    We instill in all our site staff and management a sense of self-achievement and personal responsibility to provide a feeling of personal innovation for each and every person who works with Rubik’s projects. Its self-achievement will outcome innovations.
  • Effectiveness :
    We understand that each stakeholder in a project has a job to do. However, we also know that if people enjoy what they do, they’ll be
    happier, healthier, and achieve more. For most of us, work is a big part of life and life is for enjoying. That’s why at Rubik we always do our best to make every job enjoyable, hence the output of such task would be efficient and effective.

Business Goals & Objectives

Our main goal is to design high-quality software, provide business problems solution and help our clients to achieve their business goals with our contribution.
We are instantly focused on developing innovative solutions that will help our partners and customers streamline their technical and management services and become more efficient, so they can achieve the success they are working towards.

  • Business Strategy :
    The general strategy of our company is Organic Growths.